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   Hello there I'm Dave Heinzman. You will find out we are different from other dog trainers. First and foremost we never kennel or cage our dogs. We live on a farm so they are exposed to everyday life. We only train 2-3 dogs at any given time. Our customers comment on how well and fast our dogs fit into there family's. We take pride in seeing our dogs advance and grow into some of the finest dogs for sale out there. They are part of our family. We pair our dogs to the right environment and new owners. People put there trust in us to provide the with a dog that will fill there needs." I know it's hard to buy site un seen".  In 5 years we have had no un-happy customers. Only ones that thank us for giving them there new best friend. Total honesty and being up front is the only way to do business. Put your faith and trust in us. Thank you Dave Heinzman. 

This dog is AWESUM to say the least.

Training is almost complete will be up for sale soon. Can carter training skills to your needs. Our dogs sell fast. We try to comidate customers. We take our time so we don't sell many. 


Ari a two year old import. Very large bold dog. Free less super strong defense

. Will protect and bite for real. Training is going great. Not only looks but this big guy has personality.
Price to be set. 





This is one you will die for. He is a 2yr old German import. If you want protection for your family as well as one that will lay right beside and watch TV with your kids OX - Lee is it. He has looks,brains,style and natural and trained protection skills. He is in the top 10% on all time dogs we have had the pleasure of training. Great off leash in public. His bite work is off the charts. House broke, loves to play, and is great in the car. Will work for a beginner or someone that has handler training. He has a lovable personality with the skills to stop a bad guy. One super nice dog. Priced at 12k ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sorry SOLD

Ricky Cline

Ricky is at the tail end of his training. One very impressive dog. Will be a familys best friend and protector. German import. Fun,lively, active, pleasing,very deicated to protect. He will stop and bad guy while playing ball with the kids. Very special boy. Has a great prosonality and loves his owner to the end. Very good for a family protection. Priced at 6900.00,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sorry Sold.

 Nero is a german import turnes 4 in june. He is in ex-health. Beuatiful dog.


      He has been our own personal dog for home protection and training green dogs. His training is spot on. Will do about anything that is asked of him. Un-believable bite power! BITES FOR REAL!

     Bite work with no leash is rare. He is that good. His looks alone are a deterrent.

         Best of the best. You want super trained. You want size. He is it. Nero is 3 turning 4 in july. He is a XL male from Germany.

     Fully Obedience trained, and protection trained, bite suite, hidden sleeve and exposed sleeve. He is trained as a working service k9. 


His health is great. Will come with health papers.

His price is $9800.00   




            Owner training and delivery. 

OHIO - Land line 740-651-1030  740-415-7224 cell 

 Thanks, Dave Heinzman.


Max is in training his price reflects his level of training. He is one of our best dogs we have had the pleasure of working. He is suited for family with small children. Has a willingness to please and love his owner personality. Very strong protection side with good off leash control. 

Up for sale us MAX a 24 month old German Imported Dutch Shepherd.,,,,,

,,,,,, XL 96lbs.

Max is a very attractive male with outstanding drive for obedience and protection. Very powerful.

We live on a farm so they get exposed to every type of circumstance before they are sold. Max is a 2yr old Dutch import from Germany. Just turned two in Oct this last fall His bite work was natural, spot on. He has personality. Goes to happy hour every night with me. His drive is high but is focused and very responding to commands. Comes in at night and goes to his bed. He spends all day with me so he is use to one on one. Look at his video's. He is very devoted. Loves his handler to no end. Never fenced, stays right with in ear shot. Good recall under dissertation. Plus he is just a cool dog. He is always right there waiting on me, wanting to help or get in the way lol on projects i'm working on. He is becoming a real dog now. Coming into his own. He is a steal at $4900

OHIO - 740-651-1030 land. 
Cell  740-415-7224.

 Thanks, Dave Heinzman.

SOLD SOLD SOLD "Falko von der Ahnentafel" turned 3 in march. He is a german import. One in a million dogs. Perfect for experienced  or beginner  handler. 

Falko German import born march 2013. He is trained for advanced off leash and home protection. Very sharp at his commands. He is smart, keen, good memory. Loves to work. Fast learner. You will never find a dog that loves his owner more than this boy.
      Very good defense. Taught car defense. Very full hard bite. Great out. Very vocal when strangers pull up at home. Or knocks at the house door. He responds very well to hand or vocal signals. Good under heavy dictation. Use to being worked in public good with other dogs big or small.
      Falko would be at home in a family setting. Can be trusted 100% with the smallest children. He has great indoor manners. House broke. Will play ball for hours with the children.
     Falko has been our own personal protection dog on our farm. He has traveled everywhere we gone on vacation. He has excellent manners at home or in public. Has traveled on am-track cross country.
 "Hands down this in one of the sharpest well trained dogs you can buy" .
This is one great dog that any family will love. And he will protect and give his heart to you.

  Come with full health check and full x-rays on disk. Ex ex-health. 

       Can deliver with in house training. Anywhere in the US. located in ohio Email at


740-651-6070 home

740-240-5006 cell 


price is $7900


Sold Going to Costa Rica


Basil is imported from Germany. If you're looking for a K9 that will make you feel secure and safe but is totally safe for children he is it. Basil has a carefree fun attitude. He is a blast to take for walks, rides in the car or UTV. He loves to play ball. No fear of ever striking out. Has been trained to work in public. Many trips inside Kroger and Lowls. 

He is living on a working farm. Used to chickens, horses,dogs, cats. He is never fenced. Alerts very strong when a stranger pulls in. He wants to protect his home and family. Very good visual deterrent 
He is a overall well behaved good looking dog. We can deliver to your door and train the new handlers on his workings. Can ship also. 

Located in below Columbus Ohio. $5500.00. Has full X-rays on CD. Will come with full vet check. He is strong and in great shape. His nick name is "Too Tall". We have many references of satisfied clients. 

Basil Training in Germany $5500 Detail below


If you are shopping for a once in a lifetime dog,

He is outstanding on many levels. He has exceptional manners for a young dog, amazing grasp of obedience commands understanding both hand signals and verbal commands. Home raised under exacting conditions, he is excellent with other animals, loves children, loves to travel and is a powerhouse in protection. He is home raised and has been exposed to every type of environmental stimulus we can think of. He has logged hundreds of miles travel time, He is safe around the youngest children. No

Cannon's pedigree is equally as impressive as is his temperament, training and character. He is bred to be trained and to perform and he is driven to please. Cannon has a wonderful attitude that shows in his obedience videos and a power and confidence that easily translates in his protection videos. To date Charles has no flaws, weaknesses or vices and his training will continue to impress. One great dog!!!

Give us a call and we will see if this is your chance to own a "Once in a lifetime" dog that will never let you down.
He will come with a full vet check. He can be shipped or delivered in person  $12,000

Erin & Criss on the job.
Sold- Bunny out on patrol

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