Family Protection K9s 220-206-1125 cell
             Family Protection K9s             220-206-1125 cell               

<< New text box >>   Hello there I'm Dave Heinzman. You will find we are different from other dog trainers. First and foremost we never kennel or cage our dogs. We live on a farm so they are exposed to everyday life. We only train 2-3 dogs at any given time. Our customers comment on how quickly and seamlessly our dogs fit into their families. We take pride in seeing our dogs advance and grow into some of the finest dogs available for family protection. They are part of our family. We pair our dogs to the right environment and new owners. People put their trust in us to provide them with a dog that will fulfill their needs. I know it's hard to buy sight unseen.  In 9 years we have had no unhappy customers. Families thank us for giving them their new best friend. Total honesty and being up front is the only way we do business. Put your faith and trust in us. You will be happy you did. We look forward to providing your family with an intelligent, well trained protector.

Camping in the winter with Ari & Nero
Molly and Nero going jogging.
Out in the woods working
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